Pick Your Own Apples

Our Varieties: 

  • Paula RedsLate August – Early September – Our favorite early apple – sweet/tart with a hint of strawberry flavor -great for fresh eating and cooking
  • MacsSeptember – A New England favorite – one of the most aromatic apples – great for fresh eating and cooking
  • Gala – September – Crunchy and sweet- a favorite with kids and adults alike
  • September FujiSeptember – a wonderful apple for eating and baking – Sweet and crisp!
  • CortlandsMid- September – This variety is a favorite for many – sweet/tart flavor that makes it great for eating or cooking 
  • MustuEarly October – A bit more sweet than tart – huge  and delicious – a great apple for eating, cooking, and storing 
  • JonagoldOctober – A cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious – a great all purpose apple
  • Roxbury RussetsMid – Late October – Our favorite antique variety – sweet and dry – one of the oldest American apple varieties

Not all varieties are abundant every year due to differences in the crop from year to year. Weather also has a large impact.

Tips for Picking:

  • We accept cash, local checks and credit cards –
  • Porta potty available
  • For your safety, shoes are required – socks with sturdy shoes are recommended
  • Sorry, dogs are not allowed in Farm stand or Orchards
  • Much of the Orchard is handicapped accessible, just ask and we can recommend areas for picking and assist with parking
  • Please see our covid policy 
  • Remember to refrigerate your apples after picking to keep them fresh
  • Please do not climb the trees

Prices for 2022

We offer 2 different sizes for Pick Your Own –

– Peck size ( for up to 2 adults)


– 1/2 bushel size ( for up to 4 adults)

We offer 2 different containers

Bag or Basket*

Peck Bag – $17                 Peck Basket* – $25

1/2 Bushel Bag – $29       1/2 Bu. Basket*-$36

* Basket  is yours to keep

Please pay before picking